New Patient Appointments

New Clients, please email us at
Please include your name, phone number and insurance carrier, and our office staff will be happy to contact you within 24 business hours to schedule.

What to Expect at Your Initial Appointment...

Initial Evaluation: This will be a 60-minute appointment, and will be a full review of your current symptoms, as well as your medical history, psychiatric history, psychosocial and family history, current or past substance use, including tobacco and caffeine. Please have the New Patient Evaluation Form completed for this first appointment, as that will allow us more time to cover the necessary information.

Medication Management and Follow-up: It is more than just an appointment to refill your prescriptions. This is typically a 25 to 30-minute appointment to fully evaluate the full effect of your medication and treatment plan on your health and mental wellness. Any laboratory or genetic testing results that have been ordered will be reviewed during this time as well. If longer time is required for your overall care, a 45-minute follow up may be scheduled.